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BOX One Oversized Chromoly Flat Handlebar

BOX One Oversized Chromoly Flat Handlebar
This item is currently not available.


Like the Box One™ Chromoly handlebars, Flat Chromoly bars are super stiff and custom-made from the highest quality 4130 chrome-molybdenum. They feature a proprietary 13-butted taper from 22.2 Ø at the grip area to 31.8 Ø across the clamp area. The incredible stiffness of the 31.8 oversize bar improves bike handling while putting more power into your pedal stroke. Flat Chromoly bars, however, have a very flat 3-degree back sweep.


- Oversized™ Technology
- Almost Flat 3-degree Backsweep for More Control
- Chromoly Steel - Toughest Handlebar Material In the Lineup
- Massive Clamp Interface for Steering Stiffness
- 13 Butted - Variable Wall Thickness to Reduce Weight